Rustic Wood Accessories for Kitchen and Home

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We manage our woodlot for restoration and diversity of Acadian Forest species and for diversity of wildlife habitat.  A parallel management goal is to create conditions in which strong trees can grow even bigger and stronger, in the belief that forest resources should be managed for the highest value.  In practice this all means we weed out poorly growing trees, we plant Acadian forest species of trees and shrubs in forest openings, and we do everything we can to foster diverse wildlife habitat.

We produce all of our kitchen and home accessories with wood from our own forest.  We utilize trees damaged in storms, trees killed by beavers or porcupines and trees removed to allow stronger trees to grow.  Our goal is to create both beautiful and useful products that foster a greater appreciation of the value of Nova Scotia woodlands beyond the prevailing opinion that they are simply the source of a low value commodity such as cheap pulpwood or biomass.

Many of our practical products can be used in place of plastic or metal.  They are all completely renewable and create a very low carbon footprint.  Every piece is 100% solid wood just as it came from the tree, no glue!

Every piece is unique. No two trees or live edge boards are exactly alike.

All markings and coloration are natural, we do not use wood stains.

All pieces are finished with a food safe beeswax and oil paste.

With each discovery of graceful curves, beautiful wood grain and unique characteristics of different pieces of wood, we become more deeply convinced that as humans we truly cannot improve upon the natural beauty around us. We can only strive to see this beauty and find ways to incorporate it into our lives.