Natural Handmade Soap


We make our soaps by hand from scratch in small batches using the traditional cold process technique.  All of the glycerin created during this process remains in our soaps.  We use only the finest quality, 100% natural plant ingredients in our soaps.  We make every bar with certified organic plant oils selected and formulated to create soap that cleans, lathers beautifully and conditions and protects your skin.  We use only pure essential oils to scent our soaps and natural botanicals including herbs grown on our farm to colour and texturize our soaps.  Some bars include natural clays to further pamper your skin.  After processing, our soaps are hand cut and cured for at least four weeks to ensure a rich, long lasting bar for you.  Our mission is to produce a great bar of soap that makes you smile when you use it.

Please use a well drained soap dish for your handmade soap.  Keeping soap out of standing water will help your bar last a long time.  We make a wooden soap dish; it is available where our products are sold.

Our soaps DO NOT contain synthetic fragrance, artificial colour, shortening, animal fats, phthalates, synthetic paragons, sodium laurel sulphate, mineral pigments, or petrochemicals of any kind.

Learn more about natural soap.  Soap FAQ




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