Grow Bag Containers Deck Boxes

Free Spirit Farm mortise-and-tenon grow bag containers or deck boxes are based on a 17th century design.  Made of native Nova Scotia hemlock, these boxes will last for many years and weather to a soft silver grey.  Our easy to assemble grow bag containers provide an attractive holder for one standard 28 to 30 litre bag of soil or growing mix so you can grow vegetables and flowers in bags of soil anywhere.  Place them on your deck,  your porch,  your balcony,  your walkways,  your roof,  your poor or rocky soil,  and create an instant garden that complements your landscaping or decor.

Grow Bag Container or Deck Box

The lumber used in Free Spirit Farm grow bag containers is custom sawed to a thickness of 1 1/4 inches for greater strength and longer life.  Mortise-and-tenon joints look attractive and cannot pull apart, unlike boxes that are nailed or screwed together.  Our grow bag containers will last for years, and you can disassemble them for easy storage after the growing season.

Unlike pressure treated lumber or railroad ties, the native Nova Scotia hemlock used in our grow bag containers is untreated.  There are no harmful chemicals that could leach into your soil and plants.  All of the native hemlock lumber used for our boxes is sustainably produced without pesticides in northern Nova Scotia.

It takes less than five minutes to assemble our grow bag containers.  Simply slip the tenon through the mortise opening and use a mallet or hammer to tap the provided wooden peg into place.

After assembly, lay down a 28 to 30 litre bag of potting soil or compost inside the holder.  Leave the soil in the bag.  Use one of the many growing mixes available at garden centres.  Make sure you choose a soil mix for long season plant growing.  A container mix is a good choice.  If you are placing the grow bag on a deck or balcony that you don’t want to stain, simply place the box and bag on a boot mat from the hardware store.

Poke small drainage holes on the underside of your bag of soil.  Make a hole for each plant through the top of the bag and plant your transplants directly into the bag.  Cover the top of the bag with attractive mulch.

There it is — A Five Minute Garden!

Water your grow bags as needed and fertilize with a liquid fertilizer of your choice, preferably one that contains trace minerals.  Do not allow the soil to dry out completely, but do not overwater and make the soil soggy.  The plastic bag will not dry out as fast as a clay pot.  In periods of heavy rain, make sure the bag is draining.  You may need to poke a few more drainage holes.  Do not allow your plants to sit in water.  Also make sure you provide the recommended hours of sunshine for your plants.

For tomatoes allow 1/2 cubic foot per plant, or two plants per 28 litre bag.  For salad greens or small herbs, remove two long strips of plastic from the top of the bag and space plants about 4 inches apart.  Mulch as above and harvest individual leaves for salad.  Get imaginative.  Grow cucumbers or pole beans and allow them to ramble over your deck railing or up a trellis.

At the end of the season, compost the mulch,  soil,  and plants and disassemble the grow bag container to store flat until next year.

Grow Bag Container
Fits One 28 to 30 litre bag of soil.
$38.00 plus HST
Grow Bag Container as above
With built-in wooden bottom
$50.00 plus HST

We are happy to deliver grow bag containers on days we are delivering raised bed orders in the Halifax area.  A small fee may apply depending on your location.  Contact Us