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Our unique small business in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia follows its own path.  We grow greens and gourds in our year-round greenhouse and pesticide free highbush blueberries in our north field . We also make natural handmade soaps, a project which arose from the need to protect and nourish our work- and sun- challenged skin.  We operate a custom sawmill service, and we manage our farm woodlot following strict sustainable practices designed to restore the Acadian forest type and create diverse habitat for native plants, birds and animals.

Our goal is to produce useful and practical products in an environmentally sustainable manner from the resources available to us.

Our handmade cold process soaps are made from certified organic pure plant oils and utilize our own flowers and herbs.

All of our wood products come from our own or nearby responsibly managed woodlots using trees from blowdowns or from thinning operations that were conducted to improve forest stands.  Our goal is to create both beautiful and useful products that foster a greater appreciation of the value of Nova Scotia woodlands. 

We also produce pesticide free salads and Asian greens in our greenhouse starting in March.  During the summer we use the greenhouse space to produce loofah sponges as a natural and completely sustainable compliment to our handmade natural soaps. Our highbush blueberries are 100% pesticide free and are hand-picked in July and August.

Free Spirit Farm products include:

Natural Handmade Soap

Unique Local Wooden Household Accessories

Rustic Bird Feeders

Nova Scotia Grown Loofah Sponges

Garden Raised Bed Kits

Wooden Grow Bag Containers

Pesticide Free Vegetables

Pesticide Free Highbush Blueberries

Our products are available on Saturdays and Sundays at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market.  In Tatamagouche, our soaps are available at the Green Grass Running Water Cafe, and in Wallace they are sold at Jubilee Cottage Inn on Rte 6. Our products are also available at the farm gate 

with prior order. We offer delivery of Garden Raised Beds and Grow Bag Containers in the Metro Halifax area


on market days.

Please browse our products to see what we can contribute to your own natural and practical lifestyle.

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